TV mogul John de Mol target of extortion plot

Media mogul John de Mol has been receiving letters from a man who is threatening his sister Linda de Mol and her children if a large sum of money is not transfered to him. Police have published a sketch of at least one person involved in the extortion, and are thoroughly investigating the case.  According to the police the De Mol family have been under threat since October 2013 from a man or several people who want to "play a game". Letters of instruction are either sent to their personal address or left at various places, such as parks, graveyards, every time under a red brick.

On the 15th of September, another letter arrived in a cake box at De Mol's house. The police say that the cakes were bought at a bakery on the Torenlaan street in Blaricum. The staff there remember a white male of around 70, between 1.75 and 1.80 meters tall, thin, grey hair, and glasses. The baker also remembers another customer in the shop with him, but cannot remember if it was a man or woman. The DNA testing on the cake box reveal that the cake box was delivered by a man. Police are not sure whether the threats are coming from one person or several. The case was aired on television program Opsporing Verzocht, which led to almost 100 tip. John and Linda de Mol have been communicating with the extortionist through newspaper ads. According to crime reporter Peter R. de Vries, whom John de Mol has made a confidant in this issue, the extortionist(s) has never been paid.  

Police spokesperson Berhnard Jens tells Opsporing Verzocht that the De Mol family is living in a state of constant discomfort, wondering whether they are ever really safe. "Linda's children have to be brought to school every day with the car, while they were used to just taking that route by bicycle. They also can't just go to parties anymore. They always have to keep in mind transport or safety." John and Linda de Mol do not want to comment on the extortion case. The police say that they are going through a difficult period, and hope that the outside world understands this.