Wilders demands Koran removal from MP's desk in new ploy

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Today at the start of the general considerations, the annual debate on the Cabinet's plan for the next year, PVV leader Geert Wilders once again demanded that the Koran be removed from Chamber President Anouchka van Miltenburg's table. Wilders finds in inappropriate to have the Koran in the room now that the Islamic State is sowing terror. According to Wilders the holy Islamic book is a "declaration of war" and a "license to kill", BNR reports.

Van Miltenburg declined the request and WIlders asked for a vote on his proposal to remove the Koran from the Chamber. Wilders received no support from other party leaders and subsequently a majority in the Chamber rejected his proposal. PvdA leader Samson reacted that he is completely done with the fact that Wilders is again playing a game and spreading hate, Volkskrant reports. In a separate statetement SGP leader Kees van der Staaij said that for him and his party the Bible and the Koran are not equal, but he voted against the proposal because it was only used to make a point. On twitter Joël Voordewind from the ChristenUnie called the proposal ridiculous and cheap. https://twitter.com/JoelVoordewind/status/512161781075443712