Dog found after owner camps on highway shoulder

Dog lover Tom Narski (23) from Den Bosch was 'devastated' when he discovered that his beloved dog, Ona, ran off by the A59 highway near Waalwijk on Saturday last week. After going as far as to pitch a tent by the highway, hoping to find her, Narski was relieved to have her back on Wednesday. The dog owner, who has two other dogs, lost his pup when she jumped out of his car after an accident on the A59 near Waalwijk on Saturday. Devastated, he went to desperate measures to do as much as he could to get her to come back. After spending Saturday and Sunday searching for the dog, Narski pitched a tent at exit 38, and slept there hoping she would recognize and follow his scent, he writes on Facebook. He told the emergency services in Waalwijk that the dog is quite shy, and wouldn't walk up to someone very easily. "And if she is approached by a stranger, she'll probably run away." On Wednesday, Narksi was called by a cyclist who saw Ona on the Hazardweg in Waalwijk. Relieved, Narski and his mother went to get her. After several attempts, they managed to coax her into the car. A Twitter account was even set up for Ona, which reported on Wendesday that she was "safe and warm in the car, on the way HOME! I'll tell you all about my exciting day tomorrow!" The twitter page also reports other cases of missing pets.

She has been brought to the vet to treat some scratches, but Narski says that she looks fine otherwise.