Opposition angry over budget day leaks

Figures from the new budget, which is set to be publicly announced on Prinsjesdag, 16 September, have been leaked to the Dutch media. MPs are calling it 'contempt' and an 'insult', RTL Nieuws reports. 

On Tuesday, RTL published the news that the purchasing power of most Dutch people will rise slightly in the coming year. Defense is also receiving more investment, according to budgetary negotiations.

Opposition parties are required to sign a vow of secrecy regarding the details of the budget negotiation talks. Ronald van Raak, MP for the SP, tells NU.nl that the fact that the information was leaked is possibly the "biggest possible insult of Parliament. This afternoon, I asked to make the documents public, and now the documents are leaked to RTL. Why do we as the opposition have to sign for secrecy while the media gets the things anyways?"

Emile Roemer, leader of the SP, expresses on Twitter his disappointment. "The Parliament does not get Prinsjesdag plans, but in the meantime everything is leaked to RTL. Contempt of the Parliament.

CDA MP Pieter Omtzigt calls it unfair that the media gets information before the opposition does. "If Members of Parliament leak the budget, they get suspended. If the coalition leaks, there is no sanction. So it leaks, rains, figures and plans. ps: we (the real opposition) only get an encrypted USB stick with these figures today."