budget negotiations

Sep 17 '14 10:04

Prime Minister Mark Rutte is positive about the budget plans for next year. In an interview with the Algemeen Dagblad, he emphasizes that his Cabinet will have to "stay the course in uncertain times."

Sep 12 '14 07:59

The NOS has received leaked data from the budget negotiations, the entire contents of which will be announced on Tuesday. This early leak concerns figures on projected joblessness and economic growth for next year, the NOS reports.

Sep 10 '14 11:16

Figures from the new budget, which is set to be publicly announced on Prinsjesdag, 16 September, have been leaked to the Dutch media. MPs are calling it 'contempt' and an 'insult', RTL Nieuws reports.

Aug 25 '14 14:09

The budget negotiation between the government and opposition is in its final stages, Alexander Pechtold, leader of the D66 said on Monday.

Oct 11 '13 05:53

Minister of Finance Jeroen Dijsselbloem and chairman of the Euro Group, decided to not attend the annual meeting of the IMF on Thursday and Friday. Are there any negative consequences to be expected by this decision?

Because of the negotiations about the National Dutch Budget with the opposition, Jeroen Dijsselbloem decided not to attend the meeting in Washington. He commented that the problems in the Netherlands are very urgent and that those prevail for this moment above attending the meeting.

Oct 2 '13 05:45

Following the budget discussions in the House of last week, Minister Dijsselbloem is talking this week with opposition parties to exchange some of the government plans with alternatives proposed by them.

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