Consequences Cancellation Trip Dijsselbloem?

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Minister of Finance Jeroen Dijsselbloem and chairman of the Euro Group, decided to not attend the annual meeting of the IMF on Thursday and Friday. Are there any negative consequences to be expected by this decision?

Because of the negotiations about the National Dutch Budget with the opposition, Jeroen Dijsselbloem decided not to attend the meeting in Washington. He commented that the problems in the Netherlands are very urgent and that those prevail for this moment above attending the meeting.

Minister of Finance and chairman of the Euro Group Jeroen Dijsselbloem - wikipedia

Personally unpleasant

According to a spokesman of the minister it is especially unpleasant for Dijsselbloem himself, because he could have had a meeting, as leader of the Euro Group, with the G4 and the G7. Now he will be replaced by Thomas Wieser, who is the chairman of the European Committee for Economical and Financial Affairs.

Dijsselbloem would have liked to get support for the European financial policy. The meeting was this time focused on the problems of the world economy. The US and Europe have a different thinking about how to solve the problems.

He also misses the chance to meet the new FED chairman Jeanet Yellen.



In Brussels, the decision of Dijsselbloem has not led to any commotion.

European Commissioner Olli Rehn, the ‘Tsar of the Bugets’, said during a debate which should have also been attended by Dijsselbloem on Thursday, that Dijsselbloem takes responsibility for the budget negotiations in the Netherlands, which are very important. It shows that the Netherlands are working very hard to reduce the budget deficit.”

In the past, the predecessor of Dijsselbloem, Jean-Claude Juncker, also had to sometimes let problems in his own country prevail over obligations abroad.