Venomous cobra escape scares Brabant town

The town of Made in Brabant is living in fear and surprise after the escape of a venomous snake. The municipality has sounded the alarm, and residents have been told to keep doors and windows closed. 

The snake, the naja nivea or Cape cobra, belongs to a resident in the Valkenhof. The reptile escaped from its terrarium, and the municipality is going with the worst case scenario that it may have left the house.

The cobra is 70 centimeters in length and has yellow/beige coloring. A bite from its long venomous fangs can be deadly. There is anti-venom at hand, but this must be administered very quickly after someone has been bitten. The Cape cobra is considered one of the most dangerous cobra species in all of Africa, where it originates.

Residents of Made have been told that they may go outside, but to be very vigilant. Parents are advised not to let children play outside. Schools are open, but have also been informed to be extra careful.