Diemen rescue to resume; 2 dead, 2 missing, 200 displaced

Carnage after explosion in Apartment building in Diemen @leoaquina

In Diemen, the flat that was rocked by a gas explosion yesterday is being searched for two missing persons. Two people were killed in the explosion, and another 15 were injured. Due to damage some residents of the flat building may not be able to return home for some time, the NOS reports. 

The search action was stopped yesterday due to a risk of the building's collapse. Rescue workers will look again today if the building is safe to enter.

Around 200 residents of the flat had to be housed elsewhere overnight. The biggest group went to the Red Cross in a barracks in Amsterdam. Several residents chose hotels in the area.

The residents will return to the flat this morning to see who may return home, and who will have to wait for their homes inside the building to be deemed safe to return to.