Dozens of tips about robber retirement homes

The police has received dozens of tips about the 31-year old woman who traveled the country robbing elderly women of their valuables in retirement homes. After the case was aired in Tuesday's episode of Opsporing Verzocht, many calls came in from potential owners of the jewelry as well, the NOS reports.

The suspect spent two years going through various cities in The Netherlands, using disguises and excuses to talk her way into retirement homes, stealing from between 400 and 500 elderly people. She was arrested after stealing from a home in Delden, Twente at the end of July.

After raiding the woman's home, police officers seized what jewelry she had not already sold. These are now safeguarded at the police headquarters in Apeldoorn where potential owners can come to see if they may recover their valuable items.

More than 66 people reacted to the broadcast of the case on television. It is as of yet unclear whether these tips will help form a case against the woman.