Moroccan court ready for Dutch homicide case

The court in Amsterdam will be the scene of a new preparatory session in the case of the shooting in the city's Staatsliedenbuurt on the 29th of December 2012, in which two men were killed. The suspects in the hearing are 34-year-old Anouar B. and 26-year-old Adil A., Elsevier reports.

This case is considered the catalyst for a succession of assassinations in Amsterdam. Most recently in Amsterdam Oost, in which 34-year-old Derkiaoui van der Meijden was killed. He was one of the suspects in the Staatsliedenbuurt case.

According to Elsevier, the two remaining suspects in custody deny any and all involvement in the shooting. Suspect Hamza B. will be tried in Morocco, where he was arrested in June of last year.

The suspects are held on suspicion of the double murder, as well as attempted homicide on two motorbike police officers, who were shot by the suspects from their escape vehicle.


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