Lidl to start selling clothes in NL stores

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German discount supermarket Lidi is set to begin marketing its own fashion line. Following on from its UK launch today, the company has announced the introduction of “trendy fashion” wear including denim jeans, jackets and shoes into its Netherlands stores.

After successfully challenging the big supermarket chains on food and household goods, the retailer is beginning its foray into custom womenswear. Lidi has described the launch as a move into “high end, on trend” fashion, in contrast with its previous clothing launches which focused on basic garments such an underwear and children's wear.

"We often have certain themes in our stores such as cooking or running, but this is the first time that we sell fashion clothing”, Lidl spokeswoman Christine Braun told

The UK clothing options includes low-priced women's wear, like a leather biker-style jacket the company sells for £15 (€19), and denim shirts, chiffon blouses, cardigans, and stretch denim skirts for six pounds (€7.50).

The first batch of garments will be sold for one week starting September 8.