Google Canal View: Company's cameras sail Amsterdam canals

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Google Street View cameras are to set cruise down Amsterdam’s canals next week, capturing views of the city from the water. The interactive map will give users the ability to virtually tour the canals as they are seen from the water, and gain a unique perspective of Amsterdam.

Google Street View will complete the project over a two day shoot, with a boat fitted with camera equipment. The images will give viewers a 360 degree navigational tool through the canals.

The company plans to shoot images of many, but not all, of the canals in the heart of the city, Google Netherlands communications chief Mark Jansen told

This project comes on the back of a similar project the company undertook in Venice, which revealed the canals of the unique Italian city late last year. Google Street View has also made images of the Thames River in London, and the Rio Negro in the Amazon.

Compiling the images and putting them online will take the tech company several months to complete.