Dutch military intervention Iraq possible

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Sources around the Cabinet tell De Telegraaf that The Netherlands is keeping the option to send military aid with America to Iraq. For now, the sources say that this is not likely as there has not been a request. 

Coalition parties are keeping all options open in the international struggle against ISIS at the source, including military action. Other forms of aid such as logistical support, proposed by the Cabinet, to the Americans, Brits and French to stop the spread of ISIS.

According to De Telegraaf, MPs say that this kind of action is all possible, "everything is negotiable", said MP for the PvdA Michiel Servaes. The VVD is also reportedly supportive of the possible move.

The CDA is critical of Foreign Affairs Minister Timmermans, who will not say that the mass murder performed by ISIS on minorities is 'genocide'. CDA MP Pieter Omtzigt believes that the categorization of ISIS' actions in Iraq as specific genocide will be the only way to get the UN Security Council into movement.

The CDA is joined by the PVV, SGP and CU in their plea for the Cabinet to go further in the fight against the terrorist organization.

The SGP believes that The Netherlands should send its F-16's to Iraq. The VVD does not believe that this is not yet applicable.