No suspect yet in Eurobus weapons stockpile

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Police at the French port of Calais found a stockpile of loaded weapons on a Eurolines bus from Amsterdam last week. Customs officials conducting a routine search of luggage found ten handguns, five hundred loaded magazine clips, and a silencer on July 22, according to French broadcaster RTL.

The bus was headed to London. Police told the news outlet that the bag with the weapons was loaded into the bus in Utrecht.

None of the passengers onboard admitted to owning the bag, and investigators were not able to match the weapons with their owner.

The weapons find included three unknown automatic or semi-automatic handguns, three Smith & Wesson-branded guns, a Luger, two guns of unknown Italian origin and one from the Czech Republic.

Before releasing the passengers, police took DNA swabs of every passenger who boarded in Utrecht, RTL said. A central police agency in Boulogne-sur-Mer, France is now tasked with finding a suspect.