Wolf spotted in The Netherlands

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A wolf was spotted roaming the area around Ootmarsum in Overijssel in the beginning of June. This is the first claim of a wolf sighting in the country since 1897 when the last sighting was reported in Heeze, Brabant. 

This was announced by Twente's Tubantia newspaper on Wednesday. The paper notes three different sources, all claiming to have seen a wolf in the municipalities of Dinkelland and Tubbergen.

The fact that there are reports from three separate sources makes the return of the wolf in The Netherlands a plausible possibility for wolf expert Roel Korbee.

The animal came from Germany and may have been in The Netherlands for 30 to 48 hours. He walked a possible 12 kilometers inland before turning around and heading back to Germany. Korbee does not want to reveal the exact locations of the sightings, so as not to disturb research.

A wolf was seen over the border in the German Nordhorn in April. The animal spotted in The Netherlands may well have been that same wolf.

Last year, a dead wolf was discovered in Luttelgeest. It was thought for a long time that the wolf came to The Netherlands by himself, but it was later argued that the wolf probably died in Poland, and was then brought over by people.

If the wolf does indeed return, then it will become a protected species. Farmers will be insured by Faunafonds for any damage the animal may cause to livestock.

This week, the organization Wolves in The Netherlands announced that it will be setting up camera traps between Nijmegen and Noord-Groningen to track down any eventual wolves living in or roaming the country.