Oranje faces Australia in Brazil

Tonight, The Netherlands will play Australia as their second game in the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The match will be played in Porto Allegre where the weather is reportedly perfect and the Oranje fans are already gathering. Kick-off is at 6 p.m. Amsterdam time. 

After Oranje smashed Spain 5-1, the whole world is expecting great things from the Dutch team. Arjen Robben, who scored twice in the last game, is expecting Australia to fight hard. "We won't take this horde just like that."

Australia's last game was against Chile, which they lost 3-1. The difference between the teams' opening campaigns is quite obviously different, then. "But therein lies the danger. We shouldn't think that we'll easily beat them. We just start again at 0-0 and will have to give it our all. It will definitely be a somewhat different game than against Spain" Robben says.

Snijder is also tentative with his words. "I understand that the euphoria is big on our country after that defeat of Spain", he said Tuesday after the last training. "But not with us. We have three points and a good goal difference, nothing more."

Snijder may be reserved, but the Dutch fans are not. Snijder is right about euphoria, and not only in The Netherlands. In Brazil's Porto Allegre, where the match will be played this evening, a troop of orange-clad Oranje supporters have gathered in the Oranjeplein.

The NOS reports that the gathering is also attracting curious locals who are standing in line to take pictures with the Oranje fans. Reporter Marcia Ottevanger tweets: "08.30 and the party has started, beer is flowing and the goals against Spain are floating through the speakers."

She spoke to a local Brazilian who seems to have been swept up in the euphoria. "It's so much fun, what a joy. Fantastic. Take me with you to The Netherlands."

According to weather man Peter Kuijpers Munneke on Twitter, the weather is very good for football. Some clouding, with periodic sun. It will remain dry, and the temperature will be 16 degrees.

Australian sports fans have a busy day. They first have to watch the rugby game the State of Origin.

According to the NOS, the Dutch energy company Eneco has proven that the Dutch unite in football season. Their expectation is that electricity use will be ten percent lower than normal. This is because Dutch people watch football in groups, together, with neighbors or at a pub. "Moreover, many washing machines, dishwashers and vacuum machines are also not going to be used during the game."

The energy company also says that many employed people will be going home early. Because of this, there will be a 'typical friday pattern' in which companies use five percent less power at the end of the afternoon.

Traffic jams are also expected throughout The Netherlands. The Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment predicts that peak traffic hour will be around 5 p.m, which is half an hour earlier than on a normal Wednesday. The Ministry bases its prediction on traffic behavior during the World Cup in South Africa.