No jail time for driver who killed politician

The 18-year old from De Bilt is sentenced to 120 hours community service, and a driving ban of three years for killing ex-alderman Jan van Eijken (76) last year. He also had four months in a juvenile detention center, which he has already served in custody.

The young driver drove "very recklessly and mindlessly", according to the court in Utrecht. Van Eijken was walking across the road, when the then-17 year old driver crashed into him.

The boy said he was driving 80 kilometers per hour, while the speed limit on the Hessenweg in De Bilt, where the incident took place, is only 30 kilometers per hour.

The boy had a provisional driver's license, and was only allowed to drive under supervision. This supervisor was not in place, however.

According to the court, this was not homicide, as the driver did not intentionally crash into the politician. Proceedings took place in confidence, as the accused was a minor when the incident took place.