Police shoot at ATM thieves after chase

Police Van
A Dutch police van (photo: Dickelbers / Wikimedia)A Dutch police van (photo: Dickelbers / Wikimedia)

An explosive robbery attempt on an ATM machine from ING took place in Joure on Monday night. Police shot at the suspects, who may have been wounded. 

Police were on the scene quickly when thieves tried to break into the ATM on the Geert Knolweg. The police arrived from a police station around the corner, and became involved in a chase.

During the chase, the police car was rammed. Officers pulled out their guns and shot, hitting the target several times. "The culprits may have been wounded", a police spokesperson said.

The suspects were with two cars. One stolen car was retrieved in the street. This car was used to ram the ATM building. It is unclear whether anything was stolen. Despite a large-scale search action, the suspects are still at large.