Ankle monitors, house arrest could be over: report

Fred Teeven
State Secretary Fred TeevenFred Teeven

The state secretary for Security and Justice, Fred Teeven (VVD), wants ankle monitors to be a thing of the past. Sources tell the Telegraaf that the electronic ankle bracelet was part of the austerity plans for the prison system, which Teeven has to put through. 

The VVD has always been against the idea of house arrest, in which some prisoners can serve the last portion of their sentence at home under electronic detention.

"I find it useless that people can sit out their punishment at home in front of the television, with a beer in their hand", Teeven said earlier. Later, as state secretary, he still had to strategize in order to organize the treasury.

The coalition parters in the House of Representatives have approved the plan, but the Senate is hearing a lot of complaints. The VVD and PvdA do not have a majority there. There was hope for support from the CDA, but that party has also voiced negative opinions about the plan.

The D66 seemed to open up towards the idea, but were surprised that Teeven didn't try harder to win them over. According to sources from the Telegraaf, Teeven is not enthusiastic and may let the plan be voted away by the Senate.

The electronic detention system was supposed to save the treasury €16 million per year. Justice will probably have to find another plan to make up for that loss in cuts. A decrease in the number of inmates may save Teeven some money yet.