Labour push 100 child asylum cases

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All the 100 children who are now in danger of falling outside the child asylum law, will be allowed to stay in the Netherlands. The current demands for the child pardon are not going to be amended in future, however, as this would cause more borderline cases to arise.

This comes from PvdA-leader Diederik Samsom, with the Volkskrant on Sunday in the debate center the Rode Hoed in Amsterdam. Samsom was present together with PvdA-frontrunner for the 22 May European Parliament elections, Paul Tang.

Samsom explained that every line drawn in the asylum policy brings its own borderline cases with it. "People who do not satisfy those demands. Now there is a group who de jure, strictly speaking, does not fall under the pardon. Because they were not registered under national supervision", Samsom said.

Samsom now expects that around 100 children who "de facto, factually, satisfy all the conditions for the pardon" will be able to stay in the Netherlands. State secretary Fred Teeven (VVD) of Justice has the authority to give these children permits, and Samsom promised to make sure that this happens.