9, 11 year old kids destroy museum

Four children aged between 9 and 11 years destroyed a mine museum in Kerkrade, Limburg on Saturday. According to a police spokesperson, the young vandals were apprehended, and contact was made with their parents.

The kids vandalized photos that were 100 years old, pulled fire-extinguishers from the walls and hurled these through windows, they started fire and smeared excrement along the walls, Dagblad de Limburger reports.

A curator who happened to be passing by managed to catch one of them, a 10-year old boy. The boy was promised €100 if he would give the names of his accomplices. Which he did. He did not, however, receive his bribe.

Because the children are underage, they will not be prosecuted. Only children above the age 0f 12 are allowed to be punished by law.