Dutch jihadist arrested

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For the first time, a Dutch national has been arrested because he fought in Syria. The Public Prosecution Authority (OM) announced on Tuesday that the 20-year old man from Amsterdam was arrested last week. According to the OM, he was carrying "terror-inciting texts" with him and planned a trip to Syria. The man is not suspected of recruiting other people for jihad.

According to the OM, the man was carrying "terror-inciting texts" with him, and had prepared a trip to Syria. The man is not suspected of recruiting other people for jihad.

Some Dutch nationals have been arrested before, on their way to Syria, but nobody has yet been arrested on their way back. The judge decided on Friday that the man can remain locked up for another two weeks.

He is now under restricted arrest, which means he can only be in contact with his lawyer. Dick Schoof, of the national anti-terrorism body, the NCTV told the ANP via a spokesperson that he has been kept up to date with the case by the OM.

Schoof announced earlier that there were a couple of ongoing investigations into jihadists. According to Schoof, it is good that these investigations have  had a concrete result.

The Ministry of Justice cannot reveal several details such as when the man went to Syria, when he returned, what group the man fought for and if he has clashed with Justice in the past. It is unclear if he was preparing a new trip to Syria or if he was arrested for the trip he already made.

Around 100 Dutch nationals have aligned themselves with jihadists in Syria. At lease one of these committed suicide attacks. As of now, 30 jihadists have returned to the Netherlands. The Secret Service, AIVD, states that these returnees pose a potential threat for the Netherlands as they learned how to make explosives and automatic weapons in Syria.