Arsonists arrested, suspected of 50 fires

Police have arrested three youths from Pijnacker-Nootdorp in an effort to stop a series of fires being started in the area. The fires have been ravaging Pijnacker since September last year, and have caused a lot of damage and unrest.

In total, police have investigated around 50 fires both large- and small-scale. The cases range from paper containers to children's jungle gyms being set on fire. One time, a burning container was even set against a home.

In the Autumn of last year, a big investigation was launched into this string of incidents. Investigators looked into the fires themselves, talked to witnesses and analyzed images. Residents also helped by leaving tips and information.

These investigations have led to the arrest of three people from Pijnacker, two 17-year olds and one 22-year old. They have been released in the meantime, but did have to appear before the judge.

Pijnacker-Nootdorp's mayor Rik Biddenberg reacted with relief. "I hope that we can now leave this behind us. I am happy that they were nabbed."