Amanda Todd case will not be prosecuted in Netherlands

The Public Prosecution Authority in the Netherlands will leave the prosecution of the 35-year old Aydan C. from Oisterwijk to Canadian authorities. In the case of Amanda Todd, the man is being suspected of blackmailing the teenager with nude images.

Paul van der Zanden, spokesperson for the Department of Justice, confirms that the prosecution of the man will be left to Canada, who has asked for the man's extradition.

"The request is not official yet, but we know that they have the intention to let it go out. We have contacts about that with the Canadian authorities", Van der Zanden explains.

Aydan C. is suspected of blackmailing the teenager with images in which she is partially nude. He took snapshots of his screen when he convinced her to take her clothes off in front of the webcam. He then spread these images to her friends.

Amanda was bullied and taunted for this, and ended up posting her story on YouTube in a film. A month later, she committed suicide.