Third NL airport in Lelystad

Schiphol is putting €90 million into an entirely new airport in Lelystad, which will serve to help lessen the congestion at the main airport. 

The new airport in Lelystad will open in 2018, and is going to serve as a port for 45,000 flights a year, becoming the third airport in The Netherlands.

Ad Rutten, director at Schiphol, says that the €90 million will be sufficient to make "the whole lay-out" of the airport. "The runway, taxi strip, the terminal, the parking area, the maintenance buildings: the entire new airport, you can say."

In the venture plan, which has not been published yet, it states that the airport will have a runway of 2400 meters. With this, holiday destinations just outside of Europe can be reached, such as North Africa and the Middle East.