"Hell on Earth" for Deurne jewelers: lawyer

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Surviving relatives and supporters of the two robbers who were shot and killed in the jewelry store in Deurne last week Friday need to be shown the security footage, according to the jeweler-couple's lawyer Jan-Hein Kuijpers. 

Kuijpers is going to propose this to the Public Prosecution Authority (OM). The lawyer tells NRC Handelsblad that the images will show " it was straight self-defense." He describes the incident in Goldies as "hell on hearth."

Kuijpers hopes to return the peace to the Moroccan supporters by showing the images. "It is peaceful in Deurne now, but unrest can blaze up at any moment, for example when the OM decides to dismiss the case against the couple."

Police surveillance is still in full force around the shop as well as the home of the jewelers, which are some hundred meters apart. Soon, cameras will replace some of the manpower.

According to Kuijpers, the couple is having it rough. "They are upset." They are receiving help for that. Formally, the couple is still suspect. Next week, another police hearing will take place.