War bunker found in garden

A family in Ijmuiden found a wartime bunker in their garden this weekend. Karin van Koot drove a trailer through the garden when one of the wheels sunk through the grass. A deep hole revealed the bunker. 

The family Van Koot is happy with the find, as they are going to turn it into a cellar, perhaps for wine. A crew of bunker-diggers in The Hague, called Haagse Bunker Ploeg, helped the family dig through the earth to the piece of history on the Kanaaldijk.

Among lids and pieces of gas masks and cables, they also had a morbid discovery of bones. "The bunker was full of junk and boulders", one of the crew tells. "We have been busy for over six hours to dig that thing out."

The crew think this is a fairly unique discovery. "Almost all bunkers that are left over in The Netherlands from the Second World War are registered. Not this one, that makes it unique. An unknown German work."