"Jailed illegals can't mug jewelers," Wilders

PVV party leader Geert Wilders continued today to attempt to link all Moroccans with criminal activity, saying, “A locked-up illegal mugs no jeweler.” The statement was in response both to people who illegally enter the Netherlands, and the by a jewelry store owner.

The two robbers died in the incident. One was quickly known to be of Moroccan descent, while the other was also identified as such days later.

Wilders used social media to attack the coalition parties, calling their policy decision “cowardly,” and saying, “Are you illegal, then you are welcome in NL.”

He remarked that it was "incomprehensible" for the VVD to drop criminalization in favor "a couple of nickels," referring to a PvdA-backed tax break set to save middle- and high-income people €500 million annually.

Geert Wilders has been under heavy fire for weeks after leading a rally in the Hague. His have been linked to in recent political polls, and the   from the party.