Rotterdam shoot-out suspect caught

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Police in Dordrecht have apprehended a 27-year old man from Rotterdam, who is a suspect in a fatal shooting that happened on Friday in Hoogvliet. A 34-year old man, Ulrig, was killed. 

Ulrig was picking up his children from De Tuimelaar on the Lampreistraat on Friday, when he was shot. He died on the spot. "There were many people on the school playground. Emotions were running high, especially when it became clear that the victim has children at this school with his girlfriend", said director of De Tuimelaar, Hans van der Kellen.

According to neighbors, the shooter was involved with Ulrig's girlfriend, and also has children with her. He became enraged when he was not allowed to see the children. The police cannot confirm this, but did say that they had made a quick link to a possible suspect, the AD reports.

This 27-year old man from Drodrecht was apprehended on Sunday. School director Van der Kellen says "the contact between the parents and the school was always fine. They are very nice children and then something like this happens. Horrible."

Van der Kellen has arranged some counseling for the children, their parents and teachers who were witnesses to the shooting. "Because of the impact we are getting support from a co-worker from Slachtofferhulp (Victim aid) and by our own school community worker."