Fortuyn-supporters to protest Volkert release

Pim Fortuyn's supporters are planning to hold a large-scale demonstration on the Friday, May 2nd, when his killer, Volkert van der G. is released. 

The driving force behind this movement is Fortuyn's brother, Simon Fortuyn. He is already referring to the day as 'black friday.'

Fortuyn will also be supported by Leefbaar Rotterdam, and Pim Fortuyn's ex-chauffeur, Hans Smolders who was in the news last year when he wanted to hold a demonstration on Fortuyn's date of death, 6th of May, but due to the impending release of his killer, Smolders says it would be "more logical to do that on 2 May."

Smolders made a facebook page for the earlier planned demonstration of 6 May, which received almost 3000 likes in a few months. Smolders said that he received hundreds of e-mails and phone calls from citizens who want to share their disapproval of the release of Van der G. on the 2nd of May.

Simon Fortuyn emphasizes that preparation for the demonstration still needs to begin. "The telephone was glowing red yesterday after it became known that my brother's murderer is coming free. I'm not sure how such a demonstration should actually look yet. I don't want to risk just a few people coming. If you're going to do it, then you have to do it well."

The goal of Smolders' demonstration on the 6th of May was to move the Public Prosecution Authority (OM) to take action against the release of Van der G. He was sentenced to 18 years, but is being released after serving two-thirds of his sentence, on good behavior.

Smolders says that "the Public Prosecution Authority could have at least tried to convince the judge to keep Voldert van der G. in jail until 2020. That didn't happen and nothing can be done about it."


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