Horse meat in stores investigated

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Supermarket chains have been forced to take measures after a broadcast from TROS Radar revealed the desperate situation in slaughterhouses for horses in North- and South America. The programme showed images of horses suffering before they are slaughtered. 

According to the broadcast, supermarkets feel the need to react due to a wave of indignation on social media and websites.

Jumbo as well as Albert Heijn are going to investigate how the meat ends up in their supermarket shelves. Coop en Deen will take it a step further by cutting off their supply of horse meat products coming from North- and South America.

Snack company MORA's Ad van Geloven has sent an elaborate reaction to consumers who signed a petition on the internet in which he promises, on behalf of the company, that an in-depth investigation into the origin of the horse meat that is in some of the products will be launched, and measures will be taken where necessary.

PvdA MP Sjoera Dikkers has asked minister Edith Schippers, of Welfare and Health, Parliamentary questions during question time in the House of Parliament. Schippers said that she is in favor of better labeling on products, on which the origin of horse meat in products is clearly stated.


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