Moscow wants to extradite two Dutch-Uzbeks

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Two Dutch Uzbeks, who have lived in the Netherlands since 2008, are currently detained on the Russian airport Domodedovo in Moscow since March 8. A Russian court just extended their remand until mid April and is investigating whether to extradite them to their homeland, Uzbekistan. The 64-year-old father and 31-year-old son wanted to attend a wedding in Russia, but were arrested instead.

Uzbekistan requested their extradition. Father and son fled from their home country in 2006, because they were falsely accused of fraud and embezzlement, as they claimed. They initially fled to Kazakhstan, and from there to the Netherlands in 2008. They have visited Russia several times since then. It is not clear if there are any new charges against the men. Amnesty International is worried the men will be tortured and abused if they are extradited, which is why they fled in 2006 in the first place. The father supposedly asked for medical services, because he is a diabetic, but has not received any treatment yet.