Hells Angels-rivals Bandidos in Netherlands

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The Bandidos have rumbled into the Netherlands. The Motorcycle club started a department in the Netherlands this weekend, RTL Nieuws reports. According to their website, there is now an active Bandido Nation in Sittard, in Limburg. "Since 15 March 2014, the Bandidos Motorclub has a new 'Probationary Chapter' in Holland. The Bandidos MC Sittard Department", Bandidos write on their website. As far as is known, this is the first faction in the country. The Bandidos are a 'one percenter' club, or an outlaw motorcycle club, as well as an organized crime syndicate. They are a rival gang to the arguably more well-known Hell's Angels.

Tensions between the two clubs have led to violent confrontations in Germany and Scandinavia in the past. It became so violent that the police had to get involved to keep the clubs away from each other.