PVV: revoke "jihad brides" passports

The PVV wants "jihad brides" from Gouda to lose their passports, and that they be apprehended and questioned upon their return from Syria. 

MP for the PVV, Joram van Klaveren posed Parliamentary questions to Ministers Asscher, of Social affairs, and Opstelten, of Security and Justuce, about the muslim women who are traveling to war-torn Syria to support male fighters, the AD reports.

According to the AD, the women concerned include one Dutch, a Bosnian and three Moroccan women. The "jihad brides" frequently use social media to maintain contact with the Syrian fighters. Critics say that these women don't understand that they often serve as mere lust object.

Van Klaveren wants to ban the phenomenon of jihad brides. If the women have two passports, then the Dutch one should be confiscated, the PVV urge.

In February, ten Dutch youths were denied passports as they were suspected of wanting to travel to Syria to join the Jihadist struggle. An initiative by National Coordinator Terrorism Suppression and Security (NCTV).

The first time the preventative measure of denying passports was used on suspected Jihadists was in January, when eight Syria-bound travelers were refused travel documents.