Five years jail for pedo

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The 40-year old pedophile Pascal G., who was caught in Thailand by crime reporter John van den Heuvel last December, has been sentenced to five years in jail for multiple rapes of his ten-year old step daughter by the court of justice in Leeuwarden.

The pedophile, from Goor in Twente, sexually abused his step-daughter for about a year-and-a-half. The girl, who lives in Westereen, became pregnant, and gave birth to a son at 12 years old.

The suspect had a relationship with the girl's mother that lasted about three years.

The step-daughter was ten years old when she was first pressured into sexual activities with her step-father. The girl was scared, too scared to say no. She tells that she has been raped at least ten times in the space of a year and a half by Pascal G., the Volkskrant reports.

A son was born out of the sexual abuse, when the girl was 12. A paternity test is in the wings to determine if Pascal G., is indeed the boy's father.

The suspect was apprehended at Schiphol last year November. After his girlfriend confronted him about her daughter's pregnancy. G. escaped to Thailand where he was discovered by crime reporter John van den Heuvel after a search party in a villa neighborhood in Bangkok.

The Netherlands has no extradition treaty with Thailand. Justice arranged for G.'s emergency passport to be confiscated with Foreign Affairs. Hereby, he was in Thailand illegally, and was deported. The court of justice is calling it "simply contemptible" that the man raped his underage step-daughter "to satiate his own feelings of lust."

The court is strongly blaming G. of having no insight into his behavior and that he has never demonstrated shame. G. is also suspected of swindling a large number of people.



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