€70k taken in Carnaval party heist

The owner of a safe that was stolen from party center Chalet Fontaine in Kaatsheuvel is so emotional after the theft, he is offering a reward of €10,000 for a tip that may lead to the safe's contents. 

Owner Luuk Broos is angry and sad. "I cried half the afternoon, I don't mind telling you", he said.

The safe, which was stolen Sunday night, stocked the success of the party center's carnaval weekend turnover. Around 1,800 carnaval partygoers came to the party center. The center made about €70,000-€80,000. Plastic coins and a bookings system for parties were also in the safe, Omroep Brabant reports.

Six robbers dropped the safe from the first floor of the building to the ground. "We all work really hard for this business. And then this happens. Unbelievable. I am furious and distressed. But I am convinced that they will be caught. They are clearly recognizable on the security footage", Broos tells.

Broos has offered a reward of €100,000 for the tip that will lead to the safe with entire contents. If the safe comes back with only the bookings system, then the person will get €3000.


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