Ten suspected jihadists denied passports

Ten Dutch youths have been denied passports because the intelligence- and security-services suspect them of possible terrorist intents.

The youths wanted to travel to Syria, according to a spokesperson, Messchaert, for the National Coordinator Terrorism Suppression and Security (NCTV).

The NCTV announced a few weeks ago that eight Dutch Syria-bound travelers were denied passports already. Two others have been added to the list. One of these two is thought to be an 18-year old girl from Maastricht.

Messchaert says that the measure has been taken because youths who want to take part in the struggle in Syria "will potentially come back radicalized and traumatized. Therein lies our worry."

He further says that youths who are not in agreement with the measure can go to the governing board judge.

The NCTV will produce a quarterly report on Monday detailing terrorism threat levels in the Netherlands.