Criminal freed due to typo

A mistake of the court in Utrecht has resulted in the release of hard criminal Mehmet K. last month, while he still had a prison sentence of five and a half years. The court, Midden-Nederland, has confirmed this. It is thought that Mehmet has escaped to Turkey. K. was involved with a gang who use explosives to break into atm machines. Last month, Mehmet walked free after a court order demanding his immediate release was delivered to the prison. The order assumed, likely due to a clerical error, a six-month sentence, while K. actually received a prison sentence of six years. The criminal, who had already been in the cel for seven months, promptly walked out the door. A fellow prisoner told De Telegraaf that K. was guided out amidst a chorus of jubilant whooping, because his fellow prisoners knew that he was actually supposed to remain behind bars. Justice is busy with a search party for K., but as yet have no results. It is suspected that he may have escaped to Turkey, where no extradition agreement exists with the Netherlands. A spokesperson for the court in Utrecht said that something went wrong with the computer system. "Due to a human error, an incorrect sentence period has been entered and sent off to the OM (Public Prosecution Service). We are all fed up about this", the spokesperson said.