Warning shot fired during arrest burglar

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The Tilburg police fired a warning shot in the night of Wednesday on Thursday in order to apprehend a burglar, reported the police Thursday. There were not casualties.Neighbors heard a burglary in progress at an address at the Maalbergenlaan, and knew the residents were on vacation.

One of the fleeing suspects, a 28-year-old man from Tilburg, was arrested in a yard, after the officers fired a warning shot. Another managed to escape. The bags with their loot were dumped during their escape.

Eastlake Times, author unknown,

Three men were arrested earlier Wednesday evening in Tilburg. They were trying to evade a police check and had burglar tools and stolen goods in their car.

Not far from Tilburg, in Baarle-Nassau, four burglars were caught by a family that was just arriving home. They were in the back of the house. The parents tried to catch to of them, but they managed to escape. The man of the house was hit in his side with a crowbar during his attempt to apprehend the burglar.

The police put out a notice in the day before Christmas, warning of heightened burglary activity around the holidays, directed toward homes that looked like nobody was home.

Other police regions also showed a spike in burglary reports on Thursday.