House does not support internet banking rules

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The PvdA and SP are not yet satisfied with new guidelines for safer internet banking, recently established by the Dutch Association of Banks (NVB) and the Consumer Union.The new guidelines don't completely cover what the parties, and the majority of the House, had in mind when parliament adopted a joint motion in July from the SP and the PvdA, stated Arnold Merkies (SP).

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Parliament wants the banks to take damages for their account, suffered by consumers as a result of phishing or malware, unless the consumer has been grossly negligent. In the new guidelines the burden of proof lies heavily on the consumer. 'The consumer is once again becomes heavily dependable on the arbitrariness and leniency of the banks,' according to Merkies.

The NVB and de Consumer Union agreed in November de new guidelines would go in effect per the 1st of January and apply to all consumer of all Dutch banks. The customer will have to comply with five specific rules to qualify for reimbursement in case of internet fraud.

The PvdA and SP are not at ease. The definition of what qualifies as gross negligence seems to shift at the expense of the consumer, who is now responsible for having the newest version of security software installed on their computer, according to Nijboer (PvdA). The new rules are very strict, according to Merkies.

The VVD is more positive. MP Aukje de Vries thinks both the consumer and the bank should take their responsibility for safe internet banking. Time will tell whether the new guidelines are clear enough. The VVD will monitor the developments in this case.