Week in review: November 23-29

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The round-up of some of this week’s most noteworthy events and news stories features the unfortunate fall of an Ajax fan, leaving him severely injured, Gordon's racial slurs causing national and international commotion, a dark-skinned intern rejected on his skin color, the news of Obama and Putin attending an international summit in The Hague, the discovery that Sinterklaas is an ex-con, and the Marechaussee haven't had a dull moment this week with drug busts, fake marriages, and new barracks.

Holland’s Got Talent Judge Racist Comments Drew Criticism: Gordon's 'number 39 with rice'-joke, directed to a candidate of Asian descent, caused international commotion. As the video clip went viral, another one surfaced of talk show host Humberto Tan being insulted by Jack Spijkerman in RTL Late Night talk show. In a response to the international commotion, Gordon insisted his remarks were meant as a joke. Nationally and internationally calls go up for the judge to admit he crossed the line. The Holland's Got Talent judge is backed by RTL and explains it's a Dutch tradition to say what's on your mind and no ethnic minority has the right to object. Xiao Wang, the contender in question, initially didn't pay attention to the judge's remarks, but watching the show's broadcast, he finds he can not appreciate the jokes.

Holland's Got Talent judge Gordon (left) and contestant Xiao Wang (Sara Lee/Change.org/RTL)

Obama, Putin to attend nuclear security summit in The Hague: 58 world leaders, among whom Obama and Putin, are expected to attend the Nuclear Security Summit in The Hague next year, on combatting nuclear terrorism.

Sinterklaas proves to be ex-con: a man who generously donated money to the food bank in Breda, for Sinterklaas gifts for children of poor people, used to be a member of a notorious gang, who won the lottery.

Ajax fan injured in stadium fall:  An Ajax fan dropped roughly 5 meters, when he fell over the railing of the F-side during the match Ajax-Barcelona, and was transported to the hospital in critical condition. The ArenA director announced there would be a meeting for fans in the Supporters home, and support would be available for those in need. Initial indications suggest the fall was and accident. Meanwhile the fallen fan is still in critical condition after a fall on his head. Edwin van der Sar is among the members of a group that visits the fan and his family in the hospital.

Her Majesty Queen Máxima opened the new barracks of the Royal Netherlands
Marechaussee near Schiphol International Airport. In the same week the Marechaussee executed some successful operations, such as a catch of 30kg of cocaine seized at Schiphol, by acting on a tip. Three men of different nationalities were arrested, trying to smuggle cocaine into the country in their hand luggage. A woman who tried to bring 360k euros into the country illegally, was arrested and turned over to the FIOD.

The internal mail an internship candidate received explaining why he did not receive the job, left him shocked to find out why he was rejected, and created yet another firestorm about racism in the Netherlands.

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