Eindhoven wins solar challenge

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Solar Team Eindhoven won a prize in the World Solar Challenge in Australia. The Dutch solar car won in the cruiser class, where practicality is as important as speed.Friday the car crossed the finish line in Adelaide second in her class. However, the team got time advantage because for a long time they drove with four people. This resulted in more passenger-kilometers than the competition, who had up to three passengers en route.


The car scored well on practical elements, such as the size of the trunk and the ease of entry and exit of the car. There was appreciation for a coating that makes wipers unnecessary. The driver also had to parallel park in front of the jury.

The World Solar Challenge carries over 3,000 kilometers through the heart of Australia, from Darwin in the north to Adelaide in the south. The trek takes the participants four to six days and they camp along the side of the road.

The Dutch teams are doing exceptionally well this year. Last Thursday the Nuon Solar Team from Delft was the first to across the finish line. Solar Team Twente seized the third place.