12-year-old girl threatened school

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A 12-year-old girl is responsible for the death threats to a school in Vlissingen. The girl is a student herself in the class the threats were directed at.She used the social network Instagram to send out a threat. When the response was unsatisfactory, she send out another.

The student did not realize the extent of her actions, according to the police. When she did come to that realization, she tried to remove the threats, but could not.


The school initiated heightened security measures, which will no longer be necessary after the break. The parents of the students were updated about the case on Sunday evening.

The girl is back home, but the police remains in touch with her. The Council for Child Protection will look into the case and subsequently advise the prosecutor about whether the girl should be prosecuted.

The police tracked the girl down through the IP address of her computer. Officers then spoke with three suspects, but it was evident only the 12-year-old was responsible for the threats.