Teeven Refuses Leave Volkert G.

Fred Teeven
State Secretary Fred Teeven. (Fred Teeven)

RTL Nieuws sources stated that the State Secretary of Justice and Security will soon announce that he will not allow Volkert G. to go on leave.

Teeven thinks that Volkert G. must be prepared on his release within the walls of the prison. Next year, May 2014, the murderer of Pim Fortuyn will be released after finishing two third of his sentence.

The decision of Teeven is based on social upheaval and the safety for Volkert G. and his family.

Volkert G. has the possibility to go in appeal and force in that way his leave.

The ministry of Justice and Security says, however, that no decision has been made yet. “Latest on Monday they expect that the decision will be made, but that can also be earlier......”