Fewer people get a flu shot

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Fewer people get an annual flu shot. According to researchers at the UMC St Radboud that is remarkable, since more and more people are eligible for a shot.About one-third of the Dutch are eligible for vaccination against the flu because they suffer from, for example diabetes or cardiovascular problems. Also people over 60 or older, receive an invitation each year to be vaccinated.

In 2008 74.5 percent of people with a high risk factor got a flu shot. Last year that number decreased to 62 percent.

Why a growing number of people chooses not to get a flu shot has not been studied. Researcher Jose Braspenning thinks it has to do with the controversy that arose in 2011 when reports surfaced, claiming the effectiveness of a flu shot was not proven.

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For people with a condition the flu can have serious consequences. The disease reduces the resistance, causing symptoms to become aggravated. In extreme cases, people can die from the flu.