Ratelband Leaves Villa Gooi

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Emile Ratelband leaves this week his villa in 't Gooi. Now the positivity guru is in divorce with his wife Moon, he no longer wants to pay the monthly rent of 4250 euro.

Ratelband doesn’t leave ‘t Gooi. “We both will stay and live in 't Gooi, so the kids can stay at their school,” says Ratelband to BekendeBuren.nl. “I have not interfered with finding a new home for Moon. She receives alimony and gets from me a children's supplement. She is financially independent and she will take care for finding a house by herself. Of course she doesn’t want me to interfere.”

Furthermore, the separation goes quiet. “It goes step by step. I continue to live nearby in order to opt for co-parenting.”

Emile and Moon married in 2007. In 2008 and 2010 also sometimes was wrong between the two. Nevertheless, Ratelband and his wife still got two children. The positivity guru has a total of seven kids from three relationships.


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