Air Gun Shooter Arrested

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The 47-year-old gunman who shot at three passers-by, from his home at the Pierre Kemp Street in Melick (Limburg) on Wednesday afternoon, was arrested by a SWAT team. The weapon he used was most probably an air gun. The man was transported handcuffed and blindfolded in a police car. During the raid by the SWAT team, shots were heard. The police, however, did  not confirm a shooting during the arrest.

A member of the SWAT team was slightly injured and was treated on the spot by paramedics.

Two of the three victims were taken to a hospital for treatment. They were hit in their arms, presumably by bullets from an air gun.

The police has shut off the street and does not rule out that there are more guns in the home. Why the man shot at the passers-by is not yet clear. The man is detained at the police station.


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