Tropical Holland

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Meteorological institutions warn for extreme heat on Tuesday and Wednesday. It is predicted that the feeling temperatures in the east and northeast of the Netherlands can be up to 38 degrees on Wednesday. It is according to MeteoConsult 'not inconceivable' that the Dutch record temperature of 38.6 degrees will be broken.

The warm weather is due to a low pressure area northwest of Spain. This causes a flow of tropical air that quickly comes our way from Spain and North Africa. Today, the mercury will already hit the 30 degrees in Maastricht at the beginning of the evening.

The very high temperatures are worrying Weather Plaza. "Especially for the more vulnerable in our society, the extreme heat associated with increasing humidity can cause heat stress.   The elderly and individuals who, despite the warmth, are very active, will be affected most by the tropical temperatures."

The high temperatures do not mean that we have clear blue skies. The extreme heat is accompanied by cloud fields and especially in the east and south it will probably rain sometimes.

Heat Record

The heat record now stands at 38.6 degrees, measured in Warnsveld on August 23, 1944. We can pass that temperature in the coming days. "The only thing that could prevent the breaking of the record are thunderstorms in the evening", says MeteoConsult.

The high temperatures on Tuesday and Wednesday will not lead to a heat wave. Thursday the temperature drops to around 25 degrees already and Friday it will be cold again at about 20 degrees.