Dead Man Found in Car

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The police have no clues yet in the investigation of a dead man who was found on Thursday afternoon on the dirt road Gagelhof, east of the Valkenswaardseweg (N69) in Waalre. The police have said they suspect foul play. 

The discovery of the body was made difficult by the location of the vehicle. It was parked on a dirt road in a forest on the N69 between Eindhoven and Valkenswaard, opposite the entrance to the Vlasroot Avenue. On this avenue is the heavily guarded house of lawyer Marcel Senders, who was shot at near the site in February. His office in Waalre was set on fire days later.

The police reported late on Thursday that the body found was that of a man. They confirmed the deceased man was not the threatened lawyer Marcel Senders whom the police have been in contact with for more than two months. Senders is under heavy protection after an attempt on his life.

Marcel Senders is a suspect in an investigation of bankruptcy fraud and forgery. He was also held in jail for several days in November 2012.

The police said that someone had seen the abandoned car in the woods and alerted the police at around 2:15 p.m. on Thursday.

The police immediately began a major investigation on Thursday afternoon. By 10:00 p.m. they were still searching with the help of a canine unit. The police announced that the search would continue during the night and throughout the day on Friday. A forensic team would also be kept at the scene. The area around the car was shut off and a police helicopter searched the area in the afternoon. Superintendent of Police  Simone Steendijk and Division Chief Henk Tromp were also at the site. The presence of the police caught the attention of motorists, causing a traffic jam on the N69.