Bomb On Victim's Leg

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On Friday morning, the bomb squad (EOD) in Venlo responded to a report that an explosive was attached to the leg of a 22-year-old man. For hours, the areas near the scene at Casinoweg in Venlo were closed off. Fortunately, the device was not an explosive.

At 1:00 am on Friday, the police received a report that a man, who was supposedly kidnapped, was brought back to his home by the perpetrators with a bomb  attached to his leg.

When the police confirmed that there was indeed something attached to the leg of the man, they called the EOD who examined the object and later freed the man from it.

It turned out to be not an explosive, but the police cannot reveal what it is exactly in the interest of the investigation. The police suspect that the man was indeed kidnapped. The victim got something on his leg, and actually believed that it was a bomb. "He was terrified," said a police spokesman, "but he is okay now under the circumstances.”

Nearby residents were also terrified. "I stood trembling at the window," said a local resident.

After around 4:15 am the object on his leg was removed and roads were open to traffic again. The man was taken to a precinct for questioning. The police has started the investigation and is trying to track down the possible kidnappers.